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OsoftMediia's Trainings and Available Courses are recommended for companies who want to speed up the development process with experienced engineers.

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Popular Courses

Javascript Bundle

NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, AngularJS

ReactJS Bundle

NodeJS, NextJS ,ReactJS


HTML5, CSS2, Media Queries


PHP Basics, PHP Frameworks, SQL, MySQL

Recommended for individuals / small groups, who..

  • prefer guided, personalized study-paths instead of skimming through endless amounts of online material.
  • are looking for the guidance of a senior programmers who’ll speed up the improvement of their engineering skills.
  • need expert help with their current projects or work.

During our training sessions, we’ll focus on teaching how to build fast and scalable web-applications with the current best practices and the best tools in mind.

Enhance your skills as per industry standards

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